The Queen Black Dragon Members-only Epic Boss Fight


Sometimes it’s best to just run away and thank your lucky stars that you’re still alive and kicking. For those crazy enough not to heed the warnings scattered all around the known world, there’s a real beast of a challenge waiting for you. And it’s big. Really big. In fact, you could fit 5 King Black Dragons in the mouth of this mother of all dragons! The kin won’t be far away either, so be aware that your actions will be watched…and noted for future retribution.

This new boss fight is aimed squarely at mighty combatants with a combat level of at least 120 – higher, if you intend to survive. It’s also designed as a solo fight, so no hiding behind your friends as you run screaming from her vicious breath attacks. In the heat of the action you’ll be expected to grasp tactics new to RuneScape, but there are some great rewards for those who do…including the fabled dragon kiteshield, a range of new dragon-orientated gear, and a host of other drops. Dare you scale the heights of one of our greatest challenges yet?

QBDcave_thumb-01114028 The Queen Black Dragon Members-only Epic Boss Fight

Even if you’re not quite ready to face down the monstrous Queen Black Dragon just yet, there’s a brand new dungeon leading down to her lair. It includes training opportunities for a range of combat levels, along with a particularly slimy set of Slayer assignments.

Diamond Jubilee (Free and Members’ Update)

QBDcave_thumb-01114028 The Queen Black Dragon Members-only Epic Boss Fight

Our final royal visitor this month won’t try to eat you at all. We promise. In fact, we’d like to invite you to join us for a street party! The centre of Varrock will be teeming with new characters and creatures, all of whom are preparing for the arrival of a royal carriage…but not everything is ready! Big Ben and his team of organisers need help to follow a set of Cryptic Clues, leading to a pile of diamond-themed rewards. Stalls will be filled with interesting new stock like fish & chips and corgis, although the latter isn’t for eating. Prepare yourself for an event full of smiles. It’s a real royale with cheese.

Have fun!