The Park After Dark Of NBA 2K17: Play Glow Basketball

Today, as noted by 2K, On November, it’s begining with an in-game music series called Park After Dark, by seeing the trailer, it can showcase us absolutely hyped for this event, on top of that, it can transforms MyPark mode into a high-energy club scene with typicial “Live” performances from artists such as Future, DJ Premier, Snoop Dogg AKA “DJ SNOOPADELIC and so on. Regardless though, only you playing NBA 2K17 on PC, PS4, as well as Xbox One, they have entitled to join in this special event series. NBA 2K17 players can easy buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

11193 The Park After Dark Of NBA 2K17: Play Glow Basketball

“As the world’s greatest NBA 2K17 player, it’s only right that I get to Snoopify the Park After Dark,” said hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, who DJ’S under the name “DJ SNOOPADELIC”, and was recently scanned into NBA 2K17 for the appearance. “I’m going to set off the park with a SNOOPADELIC set that’s going to have house parties around the globe JUMPING OFF.”

Park After Dark will take place in a huge, glow-in-the-dark, nighttime setting “reminiscent of today’s biggest music festivals, complete with a center stage for the performance featuring a superstar avatar, glowing decor, and MyPLAYER apparel, and light shows to make this the most lit NBA 2K experience ever.” Note that cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.

“Music is such a big part of the NBA 2K franchise and greater basketball culture, so taking such an innovative approach demonstrates our commitment to evolving the game into a destination for more than just hoops,” said Alfie Brody, VP of Marketing for NBA 2K. “Park After Dark is something we hope further connects our community and elevates their NBA 2K17 experience.” Make sure you’re there when Park After Dark kicks off on November 27 at 9PM EST.

We did cringe a little bit at the word “lt” being used in a press release, but we’re super pumped for Park After Dark so we let it slide. Obviously there will be a lot of color, music, and glowing miscellany to soak in during the event, but you’ll be able to participate in traditional MyPARK games while you’re there, as well as exclusive Park After Dark 3Pt Shoot-Out and Dunk Show-off challenges. Don’t take those challenges too seriously, though. Park After Dark is all about getting together with your nds to relax, have fun, shoot hoops, and (most of all) enjoy some new music. By buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT, players can easy play NBA 2K17.