The following steps are a guide to help you level Thieving as fast as possible

The following steps are a guide to help you level Thieving as fast as possible. Remember that they are just guidelines.

Level 1–5

When you first start out Thieving, there is not much choice of what to thieve. You can start out thieving Man and Woman and Vegetable Stalls between levels 1-4. Once you have reached level 5, make your way to the Tea stall in south-east Varrock.

Level 5–20

After reaching level 5 Thieving, you can now thieve items from the Tea stall, which is the best experience at your level for a while. You rarely get caught and if you do, nothing happens. It is recommend thieving from the tea stall until about 20 Thieving.

Level 20–38

Now head over to one of the silk stalls which are either in Ardougne or Keldagrim. If stalls get boring then the Warriors in Al Kharid are the next best choice.

Level 38–41

These levels will most likely be the most monotonous. But at least they can be summed up into two words: Master farmer. The Master farmer does not give the most experience you could get, but is the fastest way to raise your level. Rapidly clicking him over and over not only gives you an easy target to steal from, but also, at some times, very good seeds such as Ranarr and Snapdragon. He is a very good choice over most other things during these levels.

Level 41–55

If you like Master farmers you may continue doing them as they will bring in some money. If you are already bored of them then there are several other options.

At level 41 you can now enter the secretive Thieves’ Guild upon completion of the second part of the Buyers and Cellars quest. With a Lockpick in your inventory go to the chests and loot all the doors, the chests to the south, and one of the northern chests if you have the time.


Once you reach level 50 switch to coshing the Pickpocketing volunteers. Wield a Rubber blackjack and lure the Pickpocketing volunteer to the southern door. Once he is past the door, close it and begin knocking him out.

Guards in Varrock, Falador, or Ardougne are your final option for some variation. Bring plenty of food, you can fill your inventory since the only thing you can loot from them is coins.

Level 55–65

You can continue with the method you used from level 41-55, if you prefer, but the next option available is Knight of Ardougne. Alternate between thieving them and the baker’s stall if you need food.

Level 65–70

Now you can thieve from Menaphite thugs. Head to Pollnivneach and lure the thug to the northern building so you can trap him behind the curtains to ensure he doesn’t move. It is highly recommended to complete Feud, the quest to be able to use a Maple blackjack. This can be continued up until 95 if you do not like the higher level methods.

Level 70–91

At level 70 after the completion of Do No Evil you can thieve Monkey knife fighters. They can yield over 200k experience an hour if you click fast enough.

Additionally, you can begin Pyramid plundering at 71 to start your fast levelling. Loot the 5th room before you go onto room 6 in order to get more experience per run—the run to the room can take away a bit of your time. For more information, check out our Pyramid Plunder guide.

Level 91–99

Menaphite thugs are still very good until 95 Thieving. After that Monkey knife fighters are by far your best choice with up to 300k experience an hour for these levels.