Super september already ruined

Day 1 and I already blew it! I logged in yesterday (1 Sept) and immediately acquired what I needed for the 10 portents, made them, and headed to BoL to use them for the challenge. The battlefield was full of NPC fighters from both sides, so lag was an obvious issue, but I jumped in and fought any enemy in my path, eventually using up all 10 portents. As the last portent was activated, the “Challenge complete” pop-up lagged its way onto the screen for a split second, just long enough for me to see what it even was. The battle waged on and with my first Super September challenge complete, a new surge of motivation struck me, keeping me fighting for divine tears. After some time, I had the tears I needed and proceeded to check my ports before logging out for the night.

What’s missing here? OH!!! That pop-up must have said I needed to “turn in” the Super September challenge, presumably the Quartermaster in Burthorpe!

I logged in today, pumped to tackle Day 2’s challenge, when it suddenly became clear in a panicked moment of realization, free from the burdens of battle-induced lag, I had not turned in the challenge from Day 1, let alone even realizing I had to, and therefore had already ruined my chance at getting the Runescape Gold Superhero outfit.

I log into RS nearly daily anyway, so heightened motivation to log in daily in order to get a sweet new outfit, it sounded like a simple challenge I couldn’t possibly mess up. Lo and behold, my chance is ruined and now I’m nearly completely turned off by the whole ordeal. I can already envision an entire month of logging in daily all the way to the end, then still not receiving the Gold outfit because of a *stupid* blip in communication.

I understand it’s just a game and I should get over it, but regardless, I make my plea: Jagex!! Please allow a millimeter of wiggle room on this! We all know you can go back and see if 10 portents were activated on my account last night W6 at the BoL!