Square Enix Released A Realm Reborn Video of FFXIV

Square Enix’s released a new video of Final Fantasy XIV, and this video will take you on a tour through the completely revamped Gridania. The city-state has taken on an all-new look that features everything from a refurbished aetheryte plaza to cuddly delivery moogles! In order to liven up the mood of the entire metropolis, Square Enix focused on bringing the surrounding environment to life by adding babbling brooks, lush foliage, and a dynamic populace. In this video,you’ll find that the names of unique landmarks appear on screen as you explore.

Clocking in at almost five minutes, the video shows off alpha footage of various parts of the serene city-state, including cobblestone paths, waterfalls, and plenty of lush greenery. Take a look at the city reborn after the break.