Some may praise this as a major step forward for Jagex

Runescape’s future is unclear. It’s up in the air, and finally, for the first time ever, in the players’ hands. Some may praise this as a major step forward for Jagex, which previously had not taken into consideration the opinion of the players in their updates, runescape that we invest Large amount of fund for pre stage work, mainly Gamer strives to be the word’s best runescape 2007 gold online store.

To hand all the decision making to a million 12 year olds is, perhaps, not the wisest thing to do. Only time will tell.The future of Runescape now hangs on this vote. This is where the change in updates that had come with Gerhard’s promotion really showed itself.

He is confident that Jagex has solved the RWT problem, but does he really have all the possible implications of such an update,interact more with Runescape’s various fansites, and pay more attention to FTP players. Gerhard lead Jagex to win the Golden Joystick Award for UK Developer of the Year for two consecutive years. Most players brushed this off as unimportant. In fact, most players have even forgotten the shift of power even happened.

This marked the shift in the type of updates, however, a fact which few players seem to have noticed. runescape gold is still essential for playing the game. Fortunately, here, we have huge of cheap runescape gold for sale, if you need, you can just feel free to buy runescape gold and fast at our site.