So perfect that no demon could bear to hear it in RuneScape

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If you’ve seen the bottom of our newest Lores and Histories story, you’ll already know the title of November’s quest: One Piercing Note. Legend has it that, during the God Wars, there lived a holy woman named Elspeth whose voice was so perfect that no demon could bear to hear it.

In the present age, a group of Saradominist holy women found Elspeth’s remains on a remote desert plateau and set up an abbey in her memory. Within the abbey’s sand-blasted walls the Sisters of Saint Elspeth devote their lives to prayer and sacred music.

Now there has been a murder in the abbey, and Abbess Benita is praying for an adventurer to investigate. To complicate matters, a wandering troubadour has set up camp outside the abbey, despite the order’s rules forbidding secular music. It’s up to you to uncover the abbey’s secrets and find the killer.

As befitting a quest involving a troubadour and a holy choir, sound and music play a prominent role in One Piercing Note. The music is woven into the story, and includes recordings of real musicians and singers.

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