Sizzling Summer September Rewards!

Hang onto your hats and slap on that sunscreen – the wait is almost over for the awesome Sizzling Summer September rewards. Whether you’ve been a member throughout all of August and September, or just September, your loot’s on the way in just a few days!

Come the 1st of October (GMT), providing you’ve had continuous membership throughout September, you’ll be snowed under a mountain of juicy rewards – along with a monumental XP boost – courtesy of the September XP Promissory Note.

Having had membership throughout September allows you to get your hands on:

  • 350k XP Promissory Note
  • Seaweed Dreadlocks
  • Squid Cape
  • Crab emote
  • A new title: the Tanned

If you’ve been a member throughout August and September, you’ll get all of the above, and your Xp Promissory Note will be worth a whopping 700k XP! If you still have your previous Promissory Note, the XP will simply be pooled together with any remaining. Easy!

Along with this treasure trove of Sizzling Summer goodies, being a member for both August and September will also give you the opportunity to be bestowed with four legendary Choose Your Fate items!

Please note that you will receive your items at any time during the 1st of October (GMT), so please be patient – it will take up to 24 hours for everyone to get their hands on the goods.

You will receive a notice when you receive your rewards, outlining which items you can get your hands on, and how to collect them, so you’ll know for sure that they’re sat on your account, ready to be scooped up.