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The Members Loyalty Programme is our way of saying thanks for being a member. The concept is simple, being a member earns you loyalty points and the longer you’re a member, the more loyalty points you earn. The more loyalty points you earn, the more rewards you unlock. Rewards include a vast array of new clothes, titles of nobility, brand new and exclusive emotes and perhaps most exciting of all, an arsenal of gameplay enhancing auras.


Join up now and get 500 loyalty points and enjoy the benefits of the Members Loyalty Programme today.To make sure you’re not missing out on this additional members benefit, sign up for the programme. Only if you pay per month to level up to be the memeber player ,you will enjoy all those extra privileges you want in RuneScape game.

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Alought you can enjoy RuneScape for fee all the time,however,being a membership will bring you some privileges which will make your game more fun than free players .You can explore exotic new cities, conquer new skills, join in with minigames and compete in exclusive community events.