Runescape3 about bonds of FAQ

What happens when the membership redeemed from my RuneScape Bond runs out?
If you have a recurring membership set up, you’ll be charged 3 days before you’re due to run out. If you don’t have an active membership, your account will be restricted to free worlds and your loyalty programme bonus progress will be reset as per normal – so make sure to grab another RuneScape Bond or renew membership in good time!


Will the RuneScape Bond cancel my recurring subscription if I add membership?
No. Redeeming your RuneScape Bond for membership will simply add the extra membership credit to your account, and leave any recurring membership agreement active. Your next payment will be deferred, and you will only pay for additional membership when you have less than 3 days credit remaining.
Will I keep my loyalty rate or my Loyalty Programme progress if I use a RuneScape Bond for membership?
Yes, your loyalty rate and loyalty programme will operate as normal – if you have membership, they are unaffected.

What payment methods can I use to buy RuneScape Bonds?
You can buy your RuneScape Bond using a credit card or a PayPal account.
What happens if I die with my RuneScape Bond in my inventory?
RuneScape Bonds are protected on death and will stay in your inventory through to your resurrection.
If I redeem my RuneScape Bond for membership accidentally, can I reverse my redemption for another choice?
No – once you have confirmed your choice, the RuneScape Bond is destroyed and cannot be retrieved.
How does this affect me if I play Old School RuneScape?

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RuneScape Bonds will not be introduced into OSRS, so if you purchase a RuneScape Bond the in-game item will only be held by your main game avatar. Because membership credit is shared across both games, if you redeem a RuneScape Bond for Membership in the main game then you’ll also get the benefit of it for Old School access too.