Runescape title drops too rare

I’ve been capping out my Divine Tears every day since the Battle of Lumbridge started on July 22nd, and on top of that I’ve been hunting for Metal Fragments even after capping.

I’ve now put ~50 hours into the Battle of Lumbridge gathering Divine Tears, Metal Fragments, and trying to achieve the cosmetic overrides whilst hopefully unlocking all of the titles in the process, as they are a luck based drop. Sadly, after spending all this time here and nearly at my third cosmetic override, I’ve yet to receive a title drop.

I’ve been wearing a Ring of Wealth, hoping it increases chances of getting the drop, I’ve done a few hours of skilling between killing NPCs for Metal Fragments, and I’ve even beat up a few JMod clones in hopes they might have better drop chances(alas, the 10 or so I’ve killed were all cheapos and gave me nothing!)

Please re-balance the rarity of the titles. Runescape 2007 Gold.Have them linked to renown earned as a fallback for those who aren’t as lucky enough to get them randomly from combat or skilling, but have put the effort into capping a significant amount of times(and don’t reset it when we switch teams for rewards!). A title every 20-30k tears collected would be fair, and possible to achieve them all by the end of the event for those of us who aren’t lucky.

Cosmetics unlocked so far:

– Infernal Staff
– Icyene Staff

Drops obtained but not yet made:

– Icyene Greathammer
– Icyene Bowstaff
– Infernal Greathammer
– Infernal Bowstaff

Drops yet to obtain:

– The Powerful title
– The Boundless title
– The Virtuous title
– The Eternal title

Some questions to add to the discussion. Please post if you have one of these answers:

– Has anyone received a title from skilling or battling NPCs after capping their daily divine tears(3000)?

– Are the Powerful and the Virtuous titles side specific? Has anyone gotten the Powerful whilst being on Saradomin’s team or the Virtuous from being on Zamorak’s team?