I revised and changed a few of my suggestions for the current abilities

I revised and changed a few of my suggestions for the current abilities, so give those a look if you think this is the same thread.

This thread will be discussing a number of current abilities that could use some reworking, as well as a few concepts for future ability ideas and mechanics. If you feel something on this thread is unreasonable or overpowered, reply with a well thought out post explaining why. You need to buy runescape gold.



Detonate has a startup of about 6 seconds and deals up to 350% damage. That’s about 58% DPS, which is even less than Snipe. This ability needs to be reworked entirely.

Have the player launch a magic time bomb at the target. It will take 1.2 seconds to launch the bomb. 3.6 seconds after it’s launched it*ll do 188% damage in a (5×5) area.


At first glance, it seems fine. 219% damage, AoE, so what’s the problem? It has a 2.4 second startup, that’s the problem. This essentially puts it at 91% DPS. I have two suggestions:
1) Increase the damage radius to 5×5
2) Or lower the startup timer to 1.8 seconds

~Destroy/Asphyxiate/Rapid Fire[Threshold]

Channeled stuns are a pretty bad concept in my opinion. All you have to do it lower another players health down to about half HP, and just use one of these abilities. I suggest removing the stuns on them, and have them apply a debuff on the target.
Destroy: Lowers enemy’s armor by 5% per hit for 20 seconds (refreshes whenever Destroy hits).
Asphyxiate: Increase damage done to the target by 2.5% per hit for 20 seconds (refreshes whenever it hits).
Rapid Fire: Lower enemy’* hit chance by 2% per hit for 20 seconds (refreshes whenever it hits).

(I know Rapid Fire doesn’t stun, but I couldn’t just ignore it)

~Snap Shot[Threshold]

Snap Shot is pretty underrated, but it also discourages the use of Fastest weapons since it goes by auto-attack damage instead of ability damage. I suggest changing it to 157% per shot.