Runescape soloman guardian

I think a great addition to Soloman’s General Store would be the Soloman Guardian. Once you purchase it, it takes one hour to activate. After activation, if you die and your grave timer goes below one minute, Soloman will bless your grave for you increasing your time to one hour. This would make it so your guardian wouldn’t be used up if you have a friend there to bless your grave, and also preventing abuse by having players buy it after they die.

The Soloman Guardian would be very useful if death occurs in a place such as Bandos’ Stronghold or Saradomin’s Encampment, since a kill count is required to reach your grave. However, it wouldn’t give players much of an unfair advantage since most places can easily be reached within 15 minutes anyway. However, lower leveled players with shorter grave times may find it a valuable tool.

I believe a fair price would be about 160 RuneCoins. Moreover, for an additional 190 RuneCoins, runescape gold players could buy the Soloman Guardian Angel. To activate the angel, players should use the Angel Call Card which they will receive upon purchase. When activated, the angel would be able to teleport you to your grave, prevent monster spawns in the area for a few minutes, and even give you a remote bank that will last for 3 minutes after looting your grave, allowing you to regear and get back into the boss action quicker.

Overall, the guardian could be a valuable tool while not giving players a big unfair advantage over players who don’t have access. I think it would be a great addition to Soloman’s General Store.