Runescape seven hour waiting period

Shorten it. Shorten it. Shorten it.

Getting home at 6pm and sleeping at 1am still only allows for enough time to do 1 warband session maximum. I’m not just viewing things from my perspective. This assumes I stay on for the entirety from the moment I get home till when I sleep which a lot of people cannot do.

Those who enjoy pking or who enjoyed the pking aspect of warbands such as myself are also hindered. I used to go to warbands with a group of 3-6 friends and get an average of 2-4 kills a trip and really enjoyed it, warbands is how I realised EOC pking isn’t all that boring . With the nerf, this is no longer possible as warbands was the only thing getting people in to the wilderness

Really inconsiderate for those who actually have to do things in life.

I personally cannot attempt the next warband as it is at 2am, nor can I attempt the one after that as it is at 9am (1 hour after I leave for school), and nor can I attempt the following warband at 4pm as I will still be at school.

This time restriction isn’t a nerf, they have simply obliterated warbands all together for a large amount of people. I know for a fact I am not alone in the situation where I cannot attend 2 or even a single warband a day due to this restriction.

I will not go on to rant about the other features that came with this patch as in all seriousness, warbands needed a nerf badly. But not to the point where it cannot be played.

Keep all the other restrictions, change the waiting time to 2-4. Nobody wants to wait 7 hours in between pking trips, and nobody wants to miss out due to timezones/jobs/school etc.

I understand with school I would expect to maybe not always manage to do all my warbands. But the fact that on some occasions I will not be able to attend a single one of the next 6 warbands (meaning over a 42 hour wait) makes things seem a little unfair in my opinion.

Like I have said, I am not ranting at the nerf as a whole (It was needed), simply the waiting time is far too long for the vast vast majority of players.

4 hours would at least make warbands attendable for those who have to leave the house.

I consider myself more then a casual player, racking up over 8 hours of play time without fail on weekends and about 5 hours without fail on weekdays, yet I find myself still un-able to attend these events in the current state as I am simply not able to come on at the right times through no choice of my own.