Runescape new content

Since you voted for Old School to return there has been one topic which has been ongoing. This topic is whether Old School should be updated or should it stay true to August 2007?

Both sides of this topic have compelling arguments. Some players are worried that the more content that is added to the game, the further away from the feel of Old School it will get and it will become easier to level your skills. There are those that think Runecrafting needs some help or that Smithing could benefit from a ‘smith-all’ option and perhaps they are right, but that is not a decision for any individual player or Jagex staffer. It is up to all of you as a community to make that decision.

Some take an extreme view that the addition of new content will lead to updates that will change Old School beyond recognition. As before, that decision is in your hands too. No matter what is polled, you collectively have the opportunity to veto any update you don’t want.

For anyone who thinks that no updates should be added to Old School, I would say to have a think about every update that you have enjoyed over the past 6 years of RuneScape 2007 gold. Perhaps you should be thinking about making sure the right updates go in game, rather than no updates. To make sure this happens, you must take part in the content polls.

The opposing view is that there should be updates for Old School as it keeps interest high and it feeling fresh and vibrant. You can of course cherry pick the updates from the last 6 years to be included, but why limit yourselves to just those?

In the last three weeks we have received over 1,000 suggestions for questions to poll. These range from very basic questions such as the older models for Varrock guards to cherry-picked questions such as including the XP counter to brand new off the wall ideas like a retirement home for random events.

You can be as creative as you like with Old School and if you want to investigate the back story of some of your favourite NPCs, go back in time to help build Varrock palace or become Emperor of Gielinor for the day; it is in your power to make that happen. You have the ideas and as long as we can deliver it you can vote on it and ultimately create the game the community wants.

What we are trying to say is that whichever side of the fence you sit on, the future direction of Old School is for you to decide. You come up with the ideas and you vote on them – you are in control here.