RuneScape launches companion app

RuneScape’s got a new way to stay in touch your with friends who are outside of the game: the Companion app.

RuneScape Companion is a versatile web app that can be accessed by just about any mobile device, tablet, or PC via the companion web page. The app currently functions as a chat interface between you and your friends, clan, or private conversation partners. Jagex is looking to expand the app’s functionality in the coming year

  RuneScape launches companion app
Runescape APP

There’s no need to download and install it from an app store, just bookmark the web address and stay in contact with your RuneScape friends while on the go. For the moment it supports Friends Chat, Clan Chat and Private Messages to and from the game.

With the new companion app lauched here some confuses among the players
Q:1.if I use the web app I can talk to people while they’re playing the game?
A:Yes, and vice versa. It’s best to think of the web app as a new version of the lobby that is accessible in your browser without the need to load the game.

Q2:How do I start a private conversation?
A:To send a private message to a friend, goto your Friends List and press on their name and select ‘Message’. Alternatively, you can press on private messages you have received to be able to quickly send replies.

Q3:How do I add someone to my Friends List?
A:Pressing on someone’s avatar will show several options including the one to add that person to your friends list. Alternatively, there is an option to type in a name manually on the friends list screen.

Q4:Can I be logged into the game at the same time as the web app?
A:No, you can only be logged into one or the other.

The new Runescape APP did bring a lot of convenience to runescape players,make us keep in touch with all our runescape friends all the time .What a wonderful APP!