Runescape evil gods should exist

I have seen many threads made by followers of a Runescape Gold like Zamorak, Zaros and more recently Saradomin. They feel the need to defend them and make argument as to why they are not ‘evil’. However, I beg the question, why can’t they be evil?

I am a Armadylean now and proud of it. But when i was first playing Runescape back in 2008, the gods weren’t as developed and less focus was given to them. Saradomin was the good guy, Guthix was the old wise guy who wanted balance (who was no ‘neutral’ as people often said) and Zamorak was the evil guy. I was a Zamorkian for sometime. i was because I was young and I thought it would be fun to play a evil character. The appeal to me, was that Zamorak was evil.

Now everyone seems to need to justify their following of a god like zamorak or zaros by saying “Well they’re not really evil.” It is clear as day Zamorak was always intended to be the evil guy and Zaros was originally supposed to be evil as well. now because zaros is so popular jagex is basically making him a different character. Why is that? It is because more people will join him if they feel he is good.

The gods should be diverse and different from one-another. We should have good gods, evil gods, neutral gods and everything else. if I was a Zamorakian and someone asked me if Zamorak was evil I would say yes. that doesn’t mean they can’t be cool. Look at The Joker. he doesn’t care about himself and all he wants is chaos, he is cool. But he clearly is a evil, malicious, character (not comparing Zammy and Joker, Joker is clearly way cooler). Look at Magneto, thats a villain you can really get behind, but he is still a bad guy as he wants to kill and/or control all humans. people like the Sith from Star wars, they don’t like them because they’re good with a bad side, they like them because they’re bad.

This is roleplaying. Why does everyone need their god to be ‘good’? Realistically if there are so many gods, there would be ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

We don’t know but he had a empire and had Zamorak at his side. He was either evil or stupid.

kBjFNK8 Runescape evil gods should exist

That is a terrible idea and is nonsense. Which is what I argue against in this thread, reply to those argument(s) please, instead if just saying, that its a good idea.