Runescape divination

I really, really, really want to receive all the rewards for the Battle of Lumbridge because I’m kind-of-almost a completionist. That said, I’m also racing a clannie to 90, and then perhaps 99 Divination. As is, Divination does not reward us with tears and I still have 5K metal fragments I need to collect in order to obtain all the cosmetics from The Battle.

The tough decision is in losing the race which is currently neck and neck (he’ll never let me live it down if I lose) or getting all the cosmetics/armor/other rewards from The Battle. To be completely honest, I think it was poor planning to release these two events so close to each other without giving us a little extra time for The Battle. Hopefully after the event, we’ll still be able to harvest tears, but something tells me that instead the rewards will be placed on the SoF.