Runescape customer support feedback

June 29t*
That’s when I sent you an email about one of my accounts that have been lost.
I got the email saying you got it, yadda yadda yadda.
They’ve changed the name on the account a few times.
Lost the original name, that’s now been taken by someone else.
For this, I blame you.
Don’t really care though, what’s bothering me the most is that you’re not helping me get my account back, why?
You’ve helped me recover the account twice before.
(I know it’s the same Runescape Gold person, and you know it too)
In the email I’ve sent you credit card information I’ve used with the account, I’ve sent you details of things I’ve done with that account, I’ve given you the address of which it’s been logged into from, even the information about the ‘incident’ involving JCoins.

Why is you customer support so bad?
Said person is clearly using my account, the one worked hard on, as their own.
They’ve gotten to level 81 on the new skill already.
Something I’ve missed out on doing because of you.

I don’t care about the items on the account, I don’t care how much money they’ve gained/lost on the account.

I’d like you to actually help out the community a little more with these kind of things.
I’d like you to help me get my account back for the final time.
I’d like you to lock that account so nobody can play on it.
Or at the very least, I’d like you to rollback my stats on that account to June 22ed.
Or the last time it was logged into my IP Address.

The community should be able to ask for help and receive it, not beg for it only to be ignored.

I know you get a lot of emails, but this is just getting ridiculous.

You should do more then just send a spam email to someones inbox saying “Don’t worry, we’re just letting you know that we’ve gotten your email”

With all the people you’re hiring and letting go in your company, maybe you should focus a bit less on the game content for a little bit, and start to focus on the support team.