Runescape 3 Old School of Clan Cup Semi Finals

All sorts of the old school clan wars will be marched. We know that some of you really want to see your beloved teams win in the battles and your favorite warriors play an essential role in the battlefield. No matter how you are willing to see your ideal results, if you in person wants to join, your winning rate will be definitely strengthened. Good luck with P2P and F2P Clan battles in old school Runescape.


P2P Battles schedules:
P2P battles take place on November 2nd . There will be two P2P All-Out Cup battles: Pure Hatred vs Damage Incorporated and Violent Resolution vs Reign of Terror; two Capped Cup battles: Ancient Fury vs Jaja and Reign of Terror vs Damag Incorporated; two P2P Pure Cup battles: Violent Resolution vs Reign of Terro and Damage Incorporated vs Echo of Silence; P2P Team Cup battles: Violent Resolution vs Ancient Fury and Damage Incorporated vs Reign of Terror.

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F2P battles schedules:
All F2P battles are also scheduled on November 2nd. For F2P All-Out Cup battles, the fights will be Poison vs Divine Forces and Damage Incorporated vs Pure Hatred. F2P Capped Cup battles are Violent Resolution vs Reign of Terror and Damage Incorporated vs Echo of Silence. F2P Pure Cup will be Corrupt pures vs Fatality while Mayhem Makers vs Ancient Fury. F2P Team Cup will be fighted between Reign of Terror and Wilderness Guadians and between Damage Incorporated and Violent Resolution.