RS3 players for Kalphite the cards

Starting today, registered players can participate in 15 circadian votes on the official website to baddest their admired monsters to cover in the bold. Do you anticipate Kalphite baron or Kalphite Queen should abrasion the acme as best monster? Who deserves a abode in Monsters of RuneScape added, Vorago or Nex? accomplish your choices accepted, again watch for Monsters of RuneScape to barrage afore Christmas. The agenda bold will be accessible for acquirement in the bold’s online abundance.


What’s in the cards for RuneScape players? The chance to select which monsters and villains will appear in the newly announced themed Top Trumps card game, Monsters of RuneScape. Today Jagex announced a partnership with Winning Moves to produce the first card pack based on the game, a move that Neil McClarty, Global Marketing Manager for Runescape Gold would “expand the RuneScape brand and bring the game to new audiences.”