RS orchestra

We approached the soundtrack in a few different ways. Firstly, there are the full orchestral sections to the soundtrack. We worked with composer James Hannigan, whom I have known for many years and worked with previously on Harry Potter. He was the natural choice for RuneScape as he excels at those epic, fantasy, and medieval themes. For this particular recording we took our own recording engineer and went out to Bratislava to record with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and conductor Alan Wilson.


Secondly, we have rewritten many of the classic RuneScape themes with live players, bringing some really great talented session musicians in house. We allowed them to express themselves creatively, often taking the music off in different directions.

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Finally, for the 6th Age soundtrack, we took a different approach writing the music in house with dynamic triggers and more contemporary instrumentation and textures, creating a really dark environment to complement the ongoing Battle of Lumbridge.