RS God Emissaries

God Emissaries are a group of people and each of them devoted to a different god, who attempts to convert citizens of Gielinor to their religion as well. Players will be able to show their alignment to the god of their choice by wielding a banner and perform tasks for rewards including experience, titles, upgrades for the banner and a level 60 hybrid helm.


Are you one of the fans of the wonderful game RuneScape? Then you may look forward to the updates of the game. Every time when the Jagex studio wants to release updates in the game, it will get a survey or poll in RS players. Now the good news for RS players is that the God Emissaries will be open for both the free players and members. It is really a fantastic update for lore friends in May because you can not only know more about the RS gods but also earn rewards for your runescape accounts. I guess there are some game players cheering for that now.

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