Refugee shelter-importance

We’ve spent 40000 Runescape Gold coins (quarter of the total money stocks!) for the refugee shelter and all we get are two families who just hate each another? Why can’t we teach them how to live in peace? Why can’t we tell them that they’re both humans and they can tolerate each other? Why can’t we tell them that they can even become friends and work together? I mean, they’re a herbalist and a summoner. Just imagine what they can achieve and accomplish together… and now that. It’s the first time that a saradoministic and a zamorakian family live together.

The first time we’ve ever heard. And there is anything we can do? I mean, we could teach them so much. We could determine and change their fate. We could do everything what I mentioned and even so much more. It’s just ridiculous. First the god emissaries and now that… such a waste of great ideas and content. Please don’t make the same mistake like with much other content. Having a great and important idea but don’t use it. You could put so many stories, tasks and importance into those families. That refugee shelter could be so much more. It’s very important and the possibilities are great.

Sorry for my English, I am no Englishman. I post this in the English forum because it gains the most attention.

Part of the reason I voted for the shelter was the idea that as a refugee shelter, it would not only house the two families mentioned, but also future families which might become displaced. Evidently, this is not the case; it’s just an bigger house made for two families.
Anyway, you are correct; this would be a great opportunity to try and get the lot of them to get over their petty religious differences and do something useful with themselves.