Pre-runescape eoc

Im not sure if this is the right place, if not move it.

okey, after runescape eoc and rs3 update alot of player have quited, and i understand them. runescape before was not like wow and lol, but jagex made it like lol and wow. we want our own game, not steal from other games. thats the reason so many played pre-eoc and quited when eoc come out.

what we want jagex is pre-eoc back. i know you dont have the files, but you can always remove eoc and rs3 when you have added ?

my idea is make some servers there you have all the same items and lvls as you have in rs3 (eoc). so you dont have to train any skills agian. you also will keep updating eoc and pre-eoc with the same updates, so it will be the same servers just not eoc and rs3 in some of the servers.hope you understand what im trying to tell and sorry for my english.

They won’t ever remove eoc. After amassing so many unneeded updates (Squeal of Fortune, NIS, Etc.) and alienating the community, they have decided to sail until the ship sinks due to the overwhelming weight of quitters and bankruptcy. Like the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, you squeeze it on the eyes of players.”