Personally i think being a chancer was better in Runescape

Sue Me: Great pker, only real flaw he had was over-confidence but personally i think being a chancer was better in Runescape. He caught any-which way, had great stats and always took Mage, didn’t shy away from a fight despite the odds – Great ally, could always trust that he wouldn’t leave you stranded! Great on Freeplay & Pay to play.

Zorro Toy: Not too much different from Sue, again his flaw was BLIND COURAGE, by far my favourite pker, can’t even remember the amount of times i’d turn up to help him when he was dying and he’d ”out of nowhere” 3 hit them. He was lower stats than Me and Sue but made the same enemies and fought them just as well, very good catcher, just had to cover him when he was catching and not eating. Great on Freeplay mainly.

Lord Vid: Almost identical to Zorro but he didn’t die as much and was possibly one of the most understated pkers out there and much the same as Zorro you had to keep a cheeky eye on him if he was catching and not eating, watched him catch himself to death a few times despite having food Great on Freeplay mainly. runescape gold.

Alq: Controversial maybe? I don’t care too much what people say about this, Alq deserves to be amongst the best pkers because he had so many enemies, pking for him was extremely difficult and he didn’t quit. He was a decent catcher when the server was treating him well (not sure on the connection from russia?) and he was one of the bravest people i fought, i know people ask why say brave on a game? But he wouldn’t simply run from me like a number of others our level even though i got him like 16? Times.. Snake and Alq where the only pkers i stayed enemies with but would help against another non-green pker, never jumped them on a kill and never joined in to help kill them unless they were fighting my friends. Great on Freeplay mainly.

Bs Arkan: Can’t believe people forget Arkan, he was a very good catcher and was a high level Zorro in my opinion.. Not sure how he managed to get himself killed sometimes but it happened, was a very good team-mate for me, he knew what he was doing covering my catches and hearding the ”prey” away from areas there were NCPS and he would have a bow with him to add a bit of damage.. When RS2 first came out there were alot of people pking on RSC and Arkan and I cleared up, i was averaging 25-35 kills a day with Arkan at that time. Great on Freeplay & Pay to play.

Kryptix: Although he’s a [rooster], he was actually a very good catcher, not too sure why he ended up autocatching.. Musta banged his head or something His stats were pretty low but he made up for that in pking knowledge, he pked with Me and Sue for a while and without being too bigheaded, he picked up a thing or two, he knew where to cover, how to lure, he was good bait! Had high mage and used it.. Shame he became such a plank really. Better on Pay to play. runescape 2007 gold.

Kingpin: You either love him or you hate him.. I despised the guy, i’m convinced to this day he cheated lol, Well.. It makes me feel better thinking he did anyway… Pretty good catcher but on p2p his hitting (on me) was phenomonal, think he’s the only person i really regret backstabbing because he because such a PAIN! I remember one time i was training with BLOODS & SUPER WEAKENS.. Against just his bloods.. He somehow managed to beat me, convinced he cheated lol.. Almost had a hissy fit! But yeah on p2p he was very very good.. 10 levels lower aswell and he beat me weakened Still bitter after all this time 2 – 1 to me and his was a pj Phenomonal on Pay to play average on Freeplay.

I Wicked I: I’m gonna put Wicked on because i think he was a pretty good pker, i think he had all the right qualities ego being one.. That’s not a jibe i think a certain amount of ego helps a pker! Unfortunately when Wicked played i was lower than him and i think that’s what made him a good pker, he picked on lower levels or teamed people his level, again i don’t think this is a bad thing – Use anything at your disposal to get the kill.. Only bad thing was when he popped back on and i was his level (and then another time when i was higher) he wouldn’t even fight.. Just ran off an logged.. Unfortunate but still a good pker. Great on Pay to play.