NBA 2K17 Glitch: How To Get 50 VC And Glitch Yet To Be Patched

If you are tried of spending money for VC to enhance your MyPlayer, now that you can stop at once. Since the following VC glitch will let you acquire up to 100,000 VC within one hour. Be sure to take note though that you have to official sites to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

11035 NBA 2K17 Glitch: How To Get 50 VC And Glitch Yet To Be Patched

For starters, go to your MyCareer page and endorse all of the active contracts. Some of these contracts include Jordan, Foot Locker, Gatorade, 2K, Tissot and Stance, among others. Needless to say, your MyPlayer should have made the needed progress to actually get the aforementioned endorsement contracts. If you want to preview more latest news, you can head over to:

Once you’ve endorsed these brands, keep close tabs on your My Career calendar which will highlight all the schedules pertaining to the endorsements.NBA 2K17: Attend endorsement events

Typically, you can’t make further progress without playing games. You can’t simulate through the games since it would make Live Practices and other events skip by default (on the game day). Now, start to simulate each game, only the ones that have no endorsements scheduled. You need to be smart at determining this since you can’t skip every game.

You need make sure to that your MyPlayer attends each as well as every endorsement event. What’s more, at the end of each event, you also can make sure to check your smartphone to all messages from Bruce, the agent. If you have read and replied to all the messages from immediately get 4,000 VC. Which is a reward for all the endorsements, currently, it’s time to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.