Math help 4 the sleep deprived

Not sure I’ll know how to explain this and have it make sense, I’ve been having trouble sleeping and working this out is proving difficult. Can anyone look this over and see if I am right?

I am level 72 Divination. I am training at the same spot until level 80. I am using the second option, to convert memories only into XP and allowing the Energy to stack up in my inventory.

I want to know how much energy do I have to store up in my inventory until I have enough that I will be able to use the 3rd option (Convert memory and energy to xp) continuously to reach level 80.

As my head hurts I’ve ignored the probability of enriched and rounded some numbers to compensate. All XP rates are calculated assuming a boon is used throughout.

The total XP needed between level 72 and level 80 is roughly 1 Million. Harvesting + converting a memory to XP gives 43 xp.

1,000,000 / 43 is 23255, which I will round to 24,000. This gives the number of Memories passing through your inventory between these levels.

As you gain two energy per memory, this should be doubled to 48,000 to give the total amount of energy.

The number of energy consumed in each conversion (3rd option) is 5, so 48,000 / 5 gives us 9,600. This is the number of times we have enough energy to use the 3rd option on.

We subtract this from our original number of Memory conversions of 24,000 to give
14,400. This gives the number of conversions needed until we have enough energy.

Double this number (2 energy per harvest/conversion using 2nd option) to get 28,800.

Once you have 28,800 energy in your inventory you have enough to then use the 3rd option continuously until Level 80.

Is this totally wrong? Are there any mistakes here?

Skimming your work fairly quickly, you don’t at any point appear to be accounting for the fact you get 25% more xp when you convert using energy, so I think you’d end up reaching 80 with excess energy leftover (or put another way, you could have started converting using energy sooner).

I’ll just take a couple base numbers from your post (namely the xp required and base xp for depositing a memory) and see what I can come up with, as it’s a number I’m vaguely curious about for when I get to the 70’s.

2 energy/mem means every 5 memories you’ll have enough energy for 2 boosted deposits, getting 43*5+43*1.25*2=322.5 xp for that process. We need to do that process 1,000,000/322.5 ~= 3101 times. By doing that process 3101 times, we’ll have deposited using the middle option 3101*5=15505 times, having earned 31010 energy as a result. However, gathering the memories for the boosted deposits also give 2 energy each, so we can subtract 3101*2=6202 from that, to get 31010-6202=24808 energy needed before going exclusively to boosted deposits.

So, lets sanity check that.

Gathering 24808 energy means you’ll have used the middle option 24808/2=12404 times, earning 12404*43=533,372 xp. Using just that 24808 energy, we can do an boosted deposit 4961 times, earning 266,653 xp and 9922 more energy. At this point we’ve earned 800,025 xp, and have 9925 energy left. This is enough to do a boosted deposit 1985 times, earning 106693 xp, and getting 3970 more energy. That allows us to do 794 more boosted deposits for an additional 42,677 xp, and gaining 1588 more energy in the process. At this point I’m beginning to run low on characters, but even calculating this far on has around 950k/1mil xp, so the answer looks about right. This of course completely neglects enriched memories and the fact you can get energy without memories, so in practice one would get 80 a little sooner and need a bit less energy.