Make more runescape boons

Ok so right now, boons only give a 10% “effectiveness” when converting memories.
I think there should be more effects for example:

– Higher chances of getting enriched memories.
– Enriched springs last longer.
– Ability to create more than one Divine Location per day.
– Shorter cooldown for Sign and Portent of life.
– Higher chances of getting a better item while using a Divine Location
– Chances of using less resources from Transmutation.
– Higher xp from depositing Chronicle fragments.

And this are just the ones on top of my head.
What do you guys think? What boons would you like to see for the skill?

Well personally, I think the xp rates are kinda low (don’t know at higher levels). As for the energy, we have so many that the only use they have is higher xp rates, I think it would be interesting because people would have to choose between more xp or buffing the skilling effects.

Boons confuse me. They are so pointless as an aspect of the skill. Why not just integrate it into the exp rates at that tier? Why force us to spend energy to get a permanent bonus in exp. If there is no reason not to do something, there is no reason to make it a choice. It’s just stupid.