Madden 18: MUT Squads Let Three Friends Play On The Same Team


In this year’s Madden 18, change too much, with a wealth of engaging gameplay, Madden NFL 18 strikes this balance, and makes a legitimate case for the title of best sports game of this generation – and arguably all-time. There’s the refined football simulation that looks and plays better than ever, and there’s the cinematic narrative-driven game, telling a heartfelt sports tale that inspires and delights. Players put a lot of effort into constantly looking for madden mobile coins suppliers like U4GM.

11215 Madden 18: MUT Squads Let Three Friends Play On The Same Team

Madden 18’s gameplay enhancements are consummately impressive, Ultimate Team and Franchise mode, the tow game modes that will likely occupy most of your time. Madden Ultimate Team Squads (MUT Squads) let three friends play on the same team. Since Squads players are pulled from the two captains’ Ultimate Team rosters, at least one player on your team has to be playing Ultimate Team to make co-op worthwhile.

The Longshot game mode pits you as forgotten college football star Devin Wade, who returns to his hometown three years on from his glory days for one last longshot of a chance of making it in the world famous NFL draft. The story is compelling and is a fully-fleshed out tale when many would have expected it to be a bit of a bolt-on to the real game’s usual online and offline gameplay.

Annual sports Franchises have to walk the tricky line of making incremental improvements to update a static game whose rules rarely change. This game add a new story mode, Longshot’s strongest elements are, unsurprisingly, its writing and performances. Last year, Madden 18 introduced an easier way to block punts and field goals. That feature returns, but pulling it off is still rather rare in exhibition contests. It’s a great opportunity to read more news about Madden 18.