Loyalty merger a sham

Jagex, you knew what players wanted from this update. Reasonable prices when purchasing items from SGS with loyalty points, and the ability to purchase most (if not all) items from SGS with loyalty points.

Instead, you have made the prices ridiculously high and have severely limited the items available for purchase with loyalty points. It doesn’t take a genius to see purchasing items with loyalty points was made an impractical option so that players would continue to buy Runescape Gold.

I’m disappointed, but the sad truth is this is the kind of low-blow I’ve come to expect from Jagex lately. Half truths, manipulation, and let downs.

Lower the prices and allow more items to be purchased with loyalty points.

Its semi understandable they didn’t put the Assassin pack and crap up for sale with LPs, but making it so the only things you can buy with them are the Teleports and Outfits, etc that don’t sell as well is a joke.

Jagex, you aren’t sneaky, you aren’t clever. If you’re gonna half ass something don’t do it at all.I am quite disappointed by the end result. Which is sad because I was quite excited about finally having something to spend my loyalty points on. Unfortunately almost none of the stuff I am actually interested in is purchasable with loyalty points, and the few things that I could purchase with Loyalty Points is prohibitively expensive.

Edit: Honestly I’m more upset about the lack of selection, then I am about the prices. I expected the prices to be high, however the issue with them is that they’re higher then they were in the BTS video (where it showed a Bank Booster available for 130k loyalty points, where they’re really 200k loyalty points).