Low-Level Character Making Tera Gold Guides

How can you make gold as a low-level character in Tera? In my experience, the single best way that you’re gonna make gold from these weapon crates. So I levels I believe they are level 30 and 40. By the way, if you want to get Tera Online Gold fast and save money, just visit U4GM.com, where all Tera players can get what they want in the game.

TERA-M-image-696x393 Low-Level Character Making Tera Gold Guides

You’re gonna get a good chunk of alka out of these crates. If you put those tests on the auction house, it’s gonna get you a good amount of gold. In the neighborhood of 5,000 which is a nice chunk of change, at that level, I know in the grand scheme of things once it’s 65,000 gold is not a whole lot and there are much better ways to make money.

Once you max level but in the meantime, while you’re leveling, this is kind of a dual-purpose way to get decent experience as well as decent money. This technique is known as BAM farming, it’s a very common thing to do. I’m just gonna go over a little bit of the finer details you want to have ideally. In my experience, a tank to hold the egg roll from the Bamm and a high DPS class to kill it. A skilled and geared tank can pull the Bam’s without any downtime in between and do quite a bit of damage to them at the same time the DPS.

The best room setup is going to be the crit from behind, the general krypt from behind and then the crit to boss monsters, those will stack giving you a high crit chance as well as just a flat to the boss with the best weapon. You can get you to know any level that you have is going to be fine. The faster and more efficient you get doing these vams, the more Tera Gold, and experience you’re gonna get the big-money items.

You’re looking for from the drops are weapons that you can sell on the auction house, people use these weapons to enchant their goals from instances, it’s kind of a universal thing for Tera. You know tier 5 to your aid, whatever tier you can get your hands on, they’re gonna sell pretty well other runes that drop. So this is a way to get pretty decent money and experience.

At the same time we’ll just kill one for you kind of so show you how it goes, so try to stand behind whatever class you have is obviously gonna kill faster or slower. If you’re not sure about techniques, you can find more advanced guides regarding your specific class. Sometimes they like to do bull crap like that this will also give you a little bit of practice that you’re going to need for rotations and dungeons and instances at max level to be a little bit of a handle on tanking as well for your tank. So a lot of different ways to do this.

You can see a decent amount of experience, he usually picks up the drops while I do a man infusion and we’re ready to go for the next one. There’s no downtime full health, I have full mana, we can just chain kill these if you were to pop and experience boost from either your elite perk or auction house. You would gain or you know a gold hunter boost, you’d be able to make quite a bit more money too.

So hope this guides can help you guys. Many other techniques as I said that you could use, but this is the one that’s worth the best for me. For more details on getting Tera gold, you can go to https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold.