Jmod owes me a motorcycle

This update was the best decision Jagex has made in ages. Warbands was severely affected the game in many ways, and although I agree it is a very fun mini-game, it eventually turned into a monotonous robotic shuffle from Quercus to camps and back without any sort of PvP, skill, or real gameplay involved… Teleport to camp. Click tent and wait for 25 crates. Exit wilderness in massive taxi and hand in for upwards of 120K XP.

Currently I live in Sydney (which is not the capital of Australia, I learned XD) finish work at 5pm, have to catch public transport and get home at 615-645pm weekdays.

Today the warband closest to my time was was at 610pm, the next one in 7 hours will be past 1am depending on if there is a RS update which will not really change the time much at all.

But the Jmod(s) responsible for changing warbands to 7hours a day without giving a flying toss about players, the fun, the socialness, the fact that paying gamers tend to have jobs and pay membership instead of dear ol mumsie and buying your spins and runecoins… I would greatly appreciate it if you buy me my next Daytona 675 so I can make it home in time to do warbands as I cannot even do 1 a day and it’s just damned depressing to see friends able to do them. (And the fact your salary is more than mine, and you’ll be adding one more player back into the wilderness for a pker to try pk as the intended part of your plan).

Or simply put, make warbands every 2-3hours because you’ve just gone and made the biggest stuff up since Pest Control which used to have fun gameplay and not just rewards like warbands 1.0 / EoC 1.0 in a way did.

I know you can’t cater to every time zone, I know you’re bias to australians especially in terms of money (Runescape money prem cost 89AUD when it was more than USD, but in NZD it cost me $92, conversion rate saved me $40 AUD FYI), but please for once give a chinchompa about players just wanting to play the game as intended and see if you’re able to work from a tropical island around here and play RS during the same time zones.

Warbands was one of the only things making me actually WANT to log in and after see if I felt like playing RS as 12years is a long time

The whole point of the 7-hour cycles is that it’s equally fair for all time zones. Every day the warbands are 3 hours earlier than the day before, so if you can’t make it today in Australia, perhaps tomorrow you can. Or else the day after.

(And yes, of course this nerf makes it nearly impossible to do more than one warband each day. But that’s the point of the nerf!)