I’m here to propose a theory about the Elder Artefact

The thing is that the Stone of Jas is confirmed the most powerful elder artifact. I don’t think the Temple of Ikov, or the TWW Guthix Temple, changed anything due to the presence of those elder weapons there.

I’m here to propose a theory about the Elder Artefact, The Elder Horn.

As we know, Guthix came Gielinor knowing the power of Ancient Artefacts, and we also know that he found the Elder Horn. With no clear reason, he created the Land of Snow, and the only thing we know is:

“The Land of Snow was created aeons ago by Guthix, as part of his balancing of the world. The coldness of this place counteracts the heat of the great deserts and volcanoes of others, ensuring the correct balance of hot and cold.”

Ok… That doesn’t sound as a good explanation… And I’m preety sure that Guthix didn’t created a new place just because he likes snow or want to see humans celebrating Christmas, or something like that. I have an idea:

Guthix created the Land of Snow to hide the Elder Horn, and avoid another catastrophe like in his old homeworld. Also, we know that there is a horn in the Land of Snow, the Horn you use to “stun” the Yeti and take the precious gems. Only with a blow you could stun the Yeti?? That’s preety powerful to me.

The Horn of “Myths of the White Lands” look like made of ice, because the Elder Artefacts can disguise as the place it is (Look the Stone of Jas in ROTM, just by the little time it was hide in a the cold Glacor Cave, it got an blue color). Runescape Gold.If the horn is there since First Age, it makes sense to look like made of ice…

It’s possible, but if an elder artefact had been stuck in one place for a few millennia then there would be obviously noticeable environmental effects. See the Lunar island essence mine, and Daeyalt ore. I can’t see anything particularly odd about the Land of Snow.