If i owned runescape

1.)Give f2pers access to whoel gameworld

2.)Their engame armour is till at lvl 50 and make stronger lvl 60- 70″degradeable” armour. lvl 60 is repairable while the lvl 70 degrades to dust.

3.)Give f2pers access to all skills until lvl 50 but still lvl up to 99 although restricted to specific content for lvling from 50 to 99 such as magic trees for woodcutting.

4.)Quests to let them have access to the whole gameworld as ive said b4, liek morytania.

5.)G.E members only.

6.)Skillcapes still p2p

7.)Skill rework so tat f2p players are able to craft all f2p things (smithing rune lvl 41-50)

8.)Decrease member price depends if a lot of ppl buy members. (Atleast 1 million f2pers or more)

9.)No resting for f2pers

10.)Run energy regain decreased for f2pers

11.)Make a poll after a year of EOC or maybe 2 to decide if they enjoyed Runescape EOC or not and if there are a lot of votes on “no” make a separate server on another site “non eoc” much liek the oldschool site and see if it is successfull.

so thats all i can think of for now lol maybe i should make my own thread anyways, solomon would still have the same rules (discounts on all members but a bit higher).

if ur wondering why i want the ge to be p2p only, its because the G.E is meant to be a place for ppl to trade easily and f2pers dont really need that as i think they should work for the things they need and want as comfort is only a members benefit.

Removing rest as well as decreasing run accumulation would mean that f2pers would spend more time playing in rs because the whoel game world is so large that walking all the way from tirrnawn to the edge of morytania would take almost like a week depending on how long u play.