I was KILLED in The Wilderness!

While I was attempting to complete the “Cook’s Assistant” quest, I wandered off into an area called “The Wilderness.” Now, I was warned by RuneScape Gold that this area was dangerous, but I figured it would be fine (I don’t know why I thought it would be fine, because why would we be WARNED if everything was fine and dandy there?!). I could not have been more wrong! After a few seconds of walking around in “The Wilderness,” I think that I bumped into another avatar, but I’m not even sure that is what happened; I think he may have been trying to ATTACK ME first.

Then I tried to just walk past him and move on to a different section of the woods, and he started attacking me very intensely! I am not very experienced AT ALL with RuneScape, and I just tried to get away, but he had engaged me in “battle,” and kicked my butt! Then when the line about my head turned completely red, I was transported into an underground (or other worldly) lair, and there I found the Grim Reaper! He told me that it was “Not your time to die” and sent me back into the RuneScape world. So, my advice to any other n00b players like myself is to stay AWAY from “The Wilderness,” and that if RuneScape warns you about something, then it definitely is DANGEROUS!