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The man, who is based in the Avon and Somerset area, is alleged to have obtained login details for RS Gold, a role-playing game with some ten million users.He was arrested last Tuesday by detectives from the Central Police e-crime unit on suspicion of computer misuse offences, and accepted a police caution.Industry experts said the case fell within a “legal grey area” but that any theft, virtual or real, should be taken seriously.Even though it is against the rules, players have been known to trade powerful characters and items within runescape gold and other similar games.

If you have done Dealing with Scabaras and ran his little errand after the quest, Simon Templeton will buy noted artifacts up to stone from you. This makes it well worth the Duel ring charge to bank and save them for later. He will not buy noted to runescape account and runescape Items, so use the Runescape item seals to recharge your Sceptre and cart the others there the long way, with a BoB.

The monkeys of Ardougne Zoo experienced been curiously observing the penguins and their spying antics. From Saturday to Monday inclusively in runescape gold, if you actually deal with to hunt cutting 10 monkey escapees who are operating wild all through runescape, you will possess the ability to state an exclusive monkey cape!If you have found out all 10 monkeys, mind much more than to Diango in Draynor market place to state your prize!

Zombie Monkey Invasion!The online community team can be often spawning an invasion of zombie monkeys all through the weekend. if you actually deal with to kill in the very minimum 5 over a offered day, you will obtain an XP light for the endeavours in fighting back again the zombie masses. this could be repeatable from Saturday to Monday inclusive, which means you can obtain as an exceptional offer as three XP lamps in total to buy runescape gold.