Helms can now be taken into the arena in RuneScape

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Altars in each spawn room, so there’s an easy way to replenish your prayer points.Helms can now be taken into the arena.Wait times have been reduced and the number of people required to start a game is now 2 per team.Damaged or unbuilt ballistas no longer count as obstacles.Team colours have been added to barricades.Catapult and ballista damage has been adjusted.

Ice spells now have a staggered bind time, the binding shot ability has had its bind time reduced and, while in the arena, the smash ability now has a 60% chance to hit.Explosive potions can now be added to the Action Bar.The tinderbox can now be picked up by multiple players.Waiting rooms now heal you in the same way as standing in a bank does.The Castle Wars manual has been updated.Bandages now give more health.

Finally, the trimmed completionist cape requirement has been changed, so it is now fulfilled by speaking to Lanthus in a full set of profound armour. The cape is meant to encourage you to take part in Castle Wars and be competitive so the requirement will be easier to attain for those playing Castle Wars in the spirit it’s intended.

Castle Wars is easier to get into, better-looking and a whole lot more fun than it’s ever been. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a green recruit, it’s time: prepare for war!

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