GWD would be to the success of 07 what hemlock was to Socrates

GWD would be to the success of 07 what hemlock was to Socrates. Much like Blake said on page 1, GWD actually introduced overpowered weapons and armour into the game, to me it was the starting signal of an evolution the new Jagex has been very weak for: in the search for new content and bigger challenges, new weaponry/armour came along as rewards. Although that’s a fine idea in itself, they always completely disregarded the power of earlier content, devaluating the entire market and nullifying achievements of players who aren’t maxed out and had to work for their items really hard.  runescape 2007 gold. Seeing as their updates have had little next to that pattern, the decline of active players was bound to happen for a game like Runescape that relies entirely on its’ users senses of achievements and progress. If you’re going to set people back on a regular basis and only focus updates on small audience, you’re going to lose a lot of people on the way. Just think how many people have lost money on AGS’s, claws, bolts, etc. Just think how many people saw their first saved barrows set drop millions in value with bandos, armadyl being released. I’m not saying new content is bad, on the contrary, but repeated new content that changes your entire game, its market and displeases players only can lead to one thing.

If you’re suggesting GWD to come back you’re basically asking Jagex to make the same mistakes. The concept of classic/older servers should be simple and stay the same: provide the game exactly the way it was at a certain moment in time. Perhaps Jagex could go a different direction there and provide new content, but there should be votes and required percentages to even consider that. If they continue the way they have in the past and ignore all the 07-players just doing what pleases them, like bringing GWD to 07 out of pride for that update, they will effectively destroy the success 07 servers have known so far.  runescape gold. Also, I think even as the OP in a forced biased position you have to admit some of your pro’s are ridiculously far-fetched. As for cons, your disregard for simple phenomenons like offering a finger, people taking a hand (demand for more updates that came later) leads me to believe that you’re just infatuated with GWD and would like to see this in the version you prefer playing. Unfortunately, I think a majority will agree the GWD-idea for 07 should go into Hiroo Onoda- hiding if anything.