Guild Wars 2 Tyria Guide Review



It has taken me record time to level in GW2- Level 64 in roughly 3 days (fooling around with guild mates included) Spread out over 37 days, I can’t complain. (Hey, I got a lot of work, and, unfortunately, a life outside of Guild Wars 2) that time averages out to about 1 hour a day, although I did it in short bursts of 8hrs/day. (sorry for the parentheses, but I must add, I’m going to have to subtract an hour for afk time <.<) With that aside, I also made it to Master Jeweler and Leatherworker, with Artificer at level 218. Not bad for a level 64 with 73 hours of playtime! Since we got numerous amounts of trolls and critics, I got somethin’ for em. Screenies!

debook-584x300 Guild Wars 2 Tyria Guide Review


Alright, so this leads me to the Guild Wars 2 Tyria Guide. I have been using this guide for the past 2 weeks, (not the WHOLE time I’ve been playing the game, half the time debook-584x300 Guild Wars 2 Tyria Guide Review . I’m not going to ruin the rating at the end, but I will tell you this much; It definitely helped!!! Which, brings me into the review: Here ya go folks!: (video review included, for those visual people out there)

The Boring Stuff.-General and Beginner Guides

Part 1: The Beginners Guide

The Good

With this guide, I have no complaints. It does exactly what it says, it’s a “beginners guide”. It basically gets the user acquainted with the Lore, and basics of the game, with a very creative video (in fact, I think this is the best video that explains the lore of gw2 I have ever watched (for a look into the video, watch our video review of the GW2 Tyria guide).  Apart from the video, is a guide that explains all the basics of the game.

The Bad

Not much to say here, it explains everything well, with descriptive graphics. So unless you don’t like reading about basics, this part of the guide is mostly flawless.

Part 2: General Game-Play Guides

The GW2 Tyria guide includes a set of gameplay guides that explains traveling, questing, and the XP System.  Some might think, (well a lot) why would I need this? Well, I agree. It is very general stuff, but it really helps out specifically by pointing out things that were previously not very noticeable. This section of the guide helped me explore areas of the game and understand them better, without that air of confusion hanging over my head.

The Profession Guides

For the Tyria Guide specifically, profession Guides are definitely where this  has one of its strong points. Each Profession guide (Engineer, Elementalist ECT.) is organized into Seven Sections-

The Good

These guides amount to something I have not really seen within a guide before. First off, the Leveling guide (which is more of a traits guide, the leveling guide is covered in the next section) is very in-depth and gives a detailed guide to traits and skills which is easy to follow.

Not even half, 1/7th. There is also a detailed Traits guide, which, based on your play-style gives you the traits you need. The Same goes for the Healing Slot Guide, Utility Slot Guide, and Elite Slot Guide,-They are all detailed and match your play-style.  Not to mention it Conveniently spaces out adding traits/skills each level benchmark, so you will never have to worry about what to add and when.

Lastly, there is sPvP Builds, which gives profession specific traits, healing/utility/elites slot guides-all geared toward Pwning in sPvP, no matter you class.

The Bad

 Although the Tyria Guide does provide in-depth guides to everything within the game, It obviously cannot cover every build within the game. It only covers the best. So those who come in thinking that the GW2 Tyria guide will provide thousands of builds, it does not. But if you want a build added, pop a suggestion!

The Good!

The Good thing is, it never misses a heart, has in-depth and detailed maps of waypoints, hearts, and routes to take, and got some awesome graphics which provide insight on where to be at what level.