Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide

Leveling is the trademark of all MMO’s. Without it, an MMO just would not be an MMO. It would be something totally Leveling-Logo-600x300 Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guidedifferent. In most games, leveling turns into a boring ritual with one or two methods worth doing in order to gain EXP. Although some company’s like to change this up a bit. Arenanet’s Guild Wars 2 offers many ways to get exp depending on your play-style, and actually have fun leveling. Lets show you the ways to level, Arena-net style.

Killing Creatures

One of the most simple ways is to “grind” creatures. Killing every creature will gain you xp, and because the game includes scaling, even if you kill a level 1 creature at level 80, it will still yield some xp. A cool thing about GW2 is that you gain more xp if you kill a creature that has been alive longer. So doing this method, it would be beneficial to travel into the un-traveled. Although it is not recommended to solely grind creatures, the exp gain is not amazingly good, and it is definitely not the best way to level, unless you are looking to gain some achievement.