Give the zmi mages a chance

They won’t let you down, they will be professional and if hired to help protect Lumbride, that is just what they will do!

If it comes to protecting the town, druids won’t be enough…. Papa Mambo is only one tribal elder….

The ZMI are a group of powerful wizards and could really help Lumbridge, do what is best for you town, look past the fact they wear red…

Saradomin has his White Knights, Lets bring in these mages for a sense of balance.

I don’t believe they would fight the Knights- if they arrived, they will be being paid by the Duke as are the Knights.

It’s a new age, leave all the old pre conceived notions of good and evil in the past.From a gamers stand point, ZMI became dead content (more or less) with the release of the Runescpe Gold,

Lets give these poor old NPC’S a new purpose.I’m sure they could eventually help lumbridge prosper in the future. You never know they could teach children about runecrafting and magic leading to a further educated town. Give the poor guys a job, have a heart.Notice how the only time players didn’t automatically vote for the most expensive option was when they had the option of bringing in Saradominist White Knights? Yeah, Zamorakian mages have literally 0% chance.