Firefall Server Launch in Europe Kicks off “Beta Weekends”

Red 5 Studios today announced the launch of the European servers for upcoming action MMO shooter, Firefall. After a successful “dark launch” during last weekend’s beta stress-test, the European servers are now live, stable and ready for additional testing during the upcoming Dec 7 Beta Weekend. Interested players can attend our MMOSITE Firefall Second Weeekend Beta Key Giveaway Event!

ff1 Firefall Server Launch in Europe Kicks off “Beta Weekends”

“We’ve been working hard to get these servers up and running for our European fans and it’s great that we were able to launch them in time for the Beta Weekends,” said Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5. “We still expect some kinks as the stress-testing continues, but overall, performance should be significantly improved with less lag for European players.”

Registration is still open for Firefall’s upcoming Beta Weekend, scheduled Dec 7-9. Players can sign up at this page. The Beta Weekends are 48-hour stress-tests with thousands of new players ready to provide feedback on the latest open world content and help the Tribe prepare the servers for additional permanent beta testers.


ff1 Firefall Server Launch in Europe Kicks off “Beta Weekends”


New open world content that’s online for testing includes:

· Boss Encounters – Take on the powerful “Baneclaw” behind the Melding
· Chosen Warfront – Fight back the Chosen invasion before key areas are lost
· New Encounters – Rebuild crashed Thumpers, race LGVs, discover new areas and missions