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First of all, you will see a little shull icon on which you are in a PvP zone. Across most of the game world, you are able to fight players whose combat level is within 15 of your own while your head-up display shows the range of combat levels of players who may attack you.


Secondly, attacking another player on a PvP World will reward you a PK skull, just like in the Wilderness. As to death, you’ll keep the usual 3 items unless you are ‘skulled’. The Protect Item prayer lets you keep an extra item. High Risk worlds, where that prayer is disabled may also be created in the future.

Thirdly, lots of minigames are unavailable in the update, but you can find pure fun of fihting all over the world and claim the loot dropped by your victims. The Teleblock spell is enabled on PvP Worlds so that you can stop your prey from teleporting off. Remember teleporting on a PvP world will not give players any immunity from attacks and you may come under attack immediately after teleporting unless you’ve landed in a safe area.

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