Experience boosting runescape equipment

So, with the new Summoning runescape equipment available on the Squeal of Fortune, the assortment of experience boosting equipment we have is grouped like this:

==In-game content rewards==
~Single skill~
Construction – Constructor’s outfit (5 parts) rewarded for leveling up your companions in Temple Trekking
Firemaking – All Fired Up rewards (2 parts)
Fishing – Fishing outfit (4 parts) purchased with tokens from Fish Flingers
Hunter – Enhanced yaktwee stick (1 part) from catching 1000 charm sprites
Mining – Golden mining suit (5 parts) received randomly from the Liquid Gold Nymph in the Lava Flow Mine
Runecrafting – Master runecrafter’s robes (4 parts) bought from the Great Orb Project
Theiving – Black Ibis outfit (4 parts) obtained from Pyramid Plunder
Woodcutting – Lumberjack clothing (4 parts) obtained as possible loot from undead lumberjacks during Temple Trekking

~Multiple skills~
Hunter, Herblore, and Farming (within Herblore Habitat) -Witchdoctor camoflauge gear (3 parts) obtained one part at a time by speaking to Papa Rambo after catching all 10 regular jadinkos in the same week (so 3 separate weeks)

==Squeal of Fortune rewards (each consists of 5 parts)==
~last for a certain amount of time and then must be recharged with recharge gems, also on the SoF~
Cooking – Sous chef’s outfit
Crafting – Artisan’s outfit
Herblore – Botanist’s outfit
Prayer – First age outfit
Smithing – Blacksmith’s outfit

~available for a limited amount of time, must be made by combining parts from the SoF~
Summoning – Shaman’s outfit, made by combining amounts of Spirit wolf blood (which can be obtained in large quantities from the SoF and minuscule amounts in-game) and Spirit wolf parts (solely obtainable from the SoF)

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