Energy buying solution

Divination is a gathering skill right? Then why are people buying things to boost their XP? I find this sort of cheat-y for a gathering skill and I’d like to know your opinions in the comments below. However I’d like to propose a solution to the buying problem (imo).

For example, let’s say we’re harvesting a Vibrant Spring and we get Vibrant Energy which is tradeable. Instead of getting Vibrant Energy we could get Raw Vibrant Energy or something along those terms. This is untradeable and is what the Energy Rifts accept.

We then have an option on the Raw Vibrant Energy to Enhance using our Divination skills and turn it into the Vibrant Energy we have now. This will stay tradeable for the purposes of making Signs, Portents and items in the next skill. The enhancing process will be a 1-click process with a warning message in the game dialogue box beforehand.

What do you think of this proposal? Do you think it could work? What do you think about buying energy?