Elf City or Invention Skill the First 2014 Runescape change launched

This week, Behind the Scenes catches up with Mods Mark and Dean to talk about our first Power to the Players poll: Elf City or Invention Skill.Whether you’re itching to walk through the crystal gates of Prifddinas or you’re a budding Da Vinci, you’ll have your say in next week’s poll. Watch on to find out more about these two epic updates – and how you can shape RuneScape’s future.

2_副本-300x202 Elf City or Invention Skill the First 2014 Runescape change launched
runescape invention skill

Then what is the inventor skill ?
The Inventor skill is the second new skill, and will be in partner with Divination. It takes the Divine energies of Guthix and combines it with other technologies, such as those of the elemental workshops, Goblin energies, clockworks or Dwarven engineering.It is mans new defence against the Gods. It will allow players to stand up against the threat of the Gods, and maybe give players the opportunity to take out the Gods themselves.The Godless faction will be incorporated into the Inventor skill. You’ll be able to arm and equip these men, and in the future they’ll be able to defend themselves or potentially help with taking out the Gods.

Contraptions and Widgets
Occasionally, when playing around and experimenting with the Inventor skill, odd things can happen and strange new creations can be formed.An example of given at RuneFest was the level 90 2H weapons. They appear to be made up of all of the different types of weapons found in game for each class. With the Inventor skill, you’ll be able to create these weapons from different pieces and weapons currently ingame.

Some of the things you can do when ‘playing around’ with the Inventor skill include the use of pyrotechnics, lightning conductors and explosives. Mod Mark described the skill as one where Medieval alchemists that experiment and manipulate the raw energies to form new and spontaneous creations with the rs money.

While experimenting, you can find rare plans and earn inspiration. Inspiration will be an untradable resource, or a type of coin, that can be spent on making items of wonder.One of the most important aspects of the Inventor skill is the experimentation, but it’s also about creating unique equipment that changes as you use it, and changes dependent on the way you make it. They want each piece of equipment to be unique, and can have your name on it. If you examine it, you potentially could see weapon was invented by ‘name’. This could give players the ability to have their own personal stamp on the game, and for people to have weapons made by specific people.

Similar to the way that Divination was released, players are going to be the center of leading the charge into this new technical age.The skill itself does require playing around with the raw energies of Guthix, and some NPC’s around the game will not be too happy about this.

Training and Rewards
Along with contraptions and widgets, large workshops will be placed around the game and will include a social element to them.Some of the rewards include new pocket slot items as well as combat enhancements, along with the Level Up My ‘X’ which will be explained in more detail below.We’ve been told it’s going to be a relatively slow skill, but it’ll contain some buyable elements in it for the ‘mega rich’ players to provide shortcuts in training.

Level Up My ‘X’
Something that’s been in discussion for a long time is the ability to level up equipment with use. With the Inventor skill, they want to test out this idea by allowing the adding of enchantments and traits items. At first, we’ve been told that these will be able to be applied to weapons, but it’s not out of the question that you’ll be able to enchant tools for skilling and level up your summoning creatures.

An example of the system in action can be applied to the Soul Eater weapon. It is fueled by eating souls and has a dark and mysterious personality. The Soul Eater motivates players to go and kill specific targets, almost like a slayer assignment, but far more ‘dark and dangerous.’

This is an integral concept for the Inventor skill. Imagine a weapon with a personality, one that could even be voiced and could talk to you and tell you to complete tasks in a strange sort of voice.

Some final ending notes on the Level Up My ‘X’ idea included lightning swords, clockwork shields, and other items that can gain levels and be better at fighting better monsters. They also wanted to introduce items that develop relationships with other items, like a sword and a shield that work well together.