Dungeoneering lag

I was doing dungeons today before the update and had no problems. Now I notice every time I join a party and select a floor my game gets instant horrible lag. This only happens after I choose a floor and if I reload the game I can play everything else perfectly fine without any lag. I’ve tried deleting cache, reloading my game client, and playing using the browser. Not really too sure what else I could do but it would be great if I could have some help fixing it, as I’m really close to 99 Dungeoneering and would like to continue training lag free

I was really hoping this lag would be fixed after the updates and stuff :[ plenty of other people are playing with no problems and I’d really like to be able to also. Still horrible lag in dungeons. The Runescape Gold game is barely responsive and it’s a nightmare to try to work through :I’ve also had a couple black screens occurring. Also I don’t know if this will help, but the lag starts when I’m in an interface of some sort, like when I move the bar to choose my floor number or make runes for teleing. Hopefully this will be fixed by tomorrow.