Dear Jagex staff and runescape players

If you thought the java client was unplayable then you wouldn’t have bought membership last month. So quit worrying about the performance of the HTML5 client and plan on continuing to use the java client. Oh, and quit whining. Nobody cares.

I am really concerned about the new HTML5 and Runescape 3 gold arrival. My main concern is that i am not being able to play the game when it arrives.At the moment i am running on 15-20 FPS in-game using Java. Even at that FPS i think it’s unplayable using java… sooo…. what will i think when HTML5 comes out? Its going to be more unplayable i guess

I wish this game could run smooth on my computer, but since it’s not a problem on my end then i can’t really do a **** about it.I don’t even have the chance to try out the BETA of HTML5 to test my current specs and see if it’s better than java or not.

I really don’t want to be forced to buy a new computer as i just bought this one a few months ago. So if the HTML5 doesn’t give me that smooth gameplay i want, then ill guess ill quit this game. Even though i don’t want to~~

Only Chrome supports HTML5 at the moment (and most likely RS3 will be buggy on release), so you will have the option to still play in Java when RS3 is released.