Choice of a runescape pet

I thought you was gonna ask how nice it would be to be able to pick certain friends/players to be our pets lol .There would be lots of Jads spawned on release day if this was implemented though. And Nexes, Corps etc

Just a thought. Well the meow is nice and all, and who wants that flea bitten dog with the patch of fur scratched off of its back,with flies hovering about him, totally gross. How about an option to have any creature as a pet. How nice would it be to see your friends/players with their unique pet. The ability to own more then one is nice also,but only one can be on unleashed unto the world at a time. I would like to have a big crawling Hand as my pet.

Another nice pet i would like to have if you done the Quest, Soul Bane, is the Hopeless Guy, or the Confusion Beast, or the Fear Reaper. It would nice to see this feature added asap, even if by Halloween 2013, a creepy thought, well wait until you see the pet(s) that your friends or other players has selected. buy runescape 2007 gold.I hope this gets voted in, along with my other posts. Think ,eat, and breath, old school runescape always. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

I think that that would be really cool! I think that it would be good if they just combined it with summoning. or some such thing. I think that they should make the pets be able to fight too so not only is it cool looking, it can help you fight too! That way, if you had a pet dragon, you could use it to fight other creatures. Just a thought.